Stop Turning Down People Who Can't Afford An Intervention

Every day, interventionists receive calls from people that can not afford the cost of such an important and life saving service.  With the right interventionist, lives are saved everyday, which is our goal. Our service is here to help those that can't afford it, and also those who can.  

By becoming a partner of ours, we will work with your client's who can not afford an intervention otherwise.  We will work with you to determine a base price, and will cover that price for anyone with private insurance that works with you.  Thus, ensuring that people are getting the help they need to recover and we can place them into a quality center. 

In return, we ask that you use our services to help you and the families select the right treatment center for all of your clients.  We are advocates for your client, and will handle all insurance verification, work with you to understand if there are co-occurring disorders that we need to be aware of, and any backstory on your client.  We then bring you and the family options based on level of care and financial ability.  Once we agree on a center, we handle everything for the family so they can focus on what is important and their roll in the intervention. 

Become a Partner

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