OxyContin Addiction Facts and Intervention

The prescription painkiller, OxyContin, is a highly potent narcotic analgesic that offers similar euphoric effects to heroin and morphine when the user ingests it. Interventions for people using OxyContin is one of the more common services that The Addiction intervention offers, as OxyContin is one of the more popular drugs today.

Made with oxycodone as the active ingredient, OxyContin offers significant pain relief for people with serious conditions, such as people recovering from a surgery or cancer patients. Doctors have given out this drug at a rapid rate for several years, and many people believe that the drug is still given out rather loosely. Because of a large number of OxyContin prescriptions written by doctors, the demand for this drug has increased, both on a prescription basis and on the black market.

The Risks of OxyContin Abuse

Just like any other opioid, OxyContin is a highly addictive drug, and in most situations, patients need to undergo medical detox, then go through a long-term treatment program. Maintaining an OxyContin addiction is a costly habit, as users quickly find out. On average, OxyContin costs around $1 per milligram at the street level, and the average dose for most people is one 80-milligram OxyContin pill, however, some users take up to three or four every day.

Many OxyContin abusers crush the pills up and snort or shoot them up their veins, in order to defeat the time-release mechanism. Breaking the time-release coating on the pill transforms the drug from a slow-releasing medication into an immediate dose of the drug, which provides a sudden rush upon consumption.

Just like a heroin addict, an OxyContin addict continually goes to extreme lengths to get money for his or her drug of choice. During an OxyContin intervention, it's often revealed that the addict actually preferred OxyContin over heroin, as the pills are pharmaceutical grade, not cut down, and easier to get than heroin.

How to Approach an Intervention for OxyContin Addiction

The Addiction Advocates serves the entire US, and our intervention services for an OxyContin user are actually quite similar to an intervention for a heroin addict. This is the case because these two drugs are similar in the following ways:


  • The amount of pain they treat.

  • The euphoric feeling they offer.

  • The seriousness of the addiction.

During an OxyContin intervention, the largest issue we face is explaining to the addict that the drug is used to treat pain, not for abusing. We commonly see that the addict is using three or four times the recommended dose, and the addict is often injecting or snorting the pills.

When OxyContin is prescribed by a medical doctor, the patient is told how to safely take the drug. One important part of an intervention is showing the addict that he or she was using the drug as a way to avoid problems.

Going through an intervention for OxyContin abuse is a crucial step for your loved one if he or she is addicted to this powerful painkiller. Many addicts not only risk their health but also their freedom. Doctor shopping for more painkillers is a common practice, and many addicts don't realize that this could put them in jail.

The Results of Our OxyContin Intervention Services

Going to an intervention program often shows a higher rate of success than when family and friends try to do an intervention on their own. People who abuse OxyContin, just like people who abuse other drugs, are often really good at lying and manipulating others. It's quite common to see the abusers manipulate their loved ones into doing something that's actually detrimental to the addicts' recovery. It's almost impossible for an addict to beat an addiction alone, as an addict is often looking to do as little as possible to beat the addiction.

Our intervention program tries to show loved ones that their actions to help the addict overcome the addiction often aren't successful. The family often doesn't fix the root of the problem, which leads to consistent relapses and problems. Contact us today by calling The Addiction Advocates Intervention. We're always here to lend an ear and help connect your family with a professional interventionist who is able to relate to your situation and provide the help needed to overcome addiction once and for all.