Find A Safe Detox Center

We are here to help you find what is best for you, or your loved one when they have made the choice to battle addiction.  The first step, for many, is to go through a safe, medical detox program that allows them to remove all drugs and alcohol from their system prior to going into residential inpatient treatment.  We can help you find the best detox center, prior to getting you or a loved one into treatment.  We are a free service, so call today. 

What is detoxification? It is a systematic process that involves safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol for individuals who have an addiction. Using harmful substances can make an individual physically dependent upon them, causing withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop without help, even if they have not been using for a prolonged period of time. Detoxification – also known as "detox" – aids in the removal of toxins that may build up in the body due to substance abuse and is specifically designed to treat the immediate effects on the body when the use of a substance is discontinued. The process is typically conducted under a physician's care.

What Is Withdrawal?

Different withdrawal symptoms can occur depending on the substance being abused. Those addicted to heroin may experience bone or muscle pain. Withdrawing from other substances may result in night sweats or vomiting. Regardless of what substance is being used, detoxing at a professional clinic, such as the Arizona Detox Centers, is a safe means of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. This process can be particularly helpful when it is coupled with mental health therapy.

Different Methods of Detox:

  • Alcohol detoxification

  • Inpatient detoxification

  • Opiate detoxification

  • Outpatient detoxification

  • Psychological withdrawal detoxification

What Detox Is Not

Detoxing is not about treating substance abuse and addiction as a whole. Treatments address an individual's physical and psychological well being. It is critical that patients participate in psychotherapeutic treatments to better understand and address changes made to the brain, including cravings for the substance, which is a common result of substance abuse. Detox is an important first step in the process of helping an individual clear their body, but follow-up care and continued therapy are also essential in overcoming addiction.

Steps After Detox:

  • Enter into a rehabilitation center depending on the substance abuse, such as a heroin detox center or alcohol detox center.

  • Enroll in life skills classes to learn how to maintain responsibilities and function in a healthy manner.

  • Participate in family and personal therapy sessions.

  • Schedule routine visits for medical care to prevent self-medicating.

  • Create an action plan for relapse prevention.