Into Action Recovery Overview

Into Action Recovery Centers (IARC) is an in-network drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has a forty eight bed capacity. Conveniently located close to both major airports in Houston, the center has been providing affordable inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services for people all over the country since 2010.


New patients are screened to determine their individual treatment plan to treat their addiction. All of the plans are based on proven effectiveness in a full self and spiritual discovery. During the inpatient period of ten days, there will be limited communication with family in order to put focus on the treatment. After that period, family counseling will be encouraged, and visitation hours will be allowed twice per week.

If treatment is determined to last longer than the initial ten day minimum, the center offers diverse extended treatment plan options. There are thirty, sixty, and ninety day programs that can be either adult male residential or outpatient classes that combine both genders. Throughout this time, there will be individual and group therapy sessions, education, and life skills training. Some of our outpatient programs include family and meet three nights a week for ten to twelve weeks. The center includes twelve step meetings in all programs and contact is maintained with local AA communities in order to help patients cope with addiction after leaving the center.

Into Action Staff

By maintaining a staff of sixteen, IARC is able to provide a low client to staff ratio. This ensures that each of our patients get the best individual care. Each of the counselors and nurses have masters degrees and a board certified psychiatrist with over twenty years of experience in addiction treatment is included in the staff. Several members of the staff are in their own recovery, so they are able to empathize with the patients.


A professional chef prepares freshly cooked meals. In order to encourage physical activity, recreational activities are encouraged on site, as well as gym outings five times a week.

What Alumni Say

Out of eight alumni asked on, all stated that they would recommend IARC. The treatment was rated an average of 4.87 stars out of five, but the individual features received high marks. Several alumni that were questioned mentioned their ongoing sobriety after leaving the program.


Since family is included in the treatment plan, it is important to consider their feelings on how the overall treatment went. The biggest complaint was the cost and lack of insurance coverage. However, Into Action Recovery Center is recognized by most insurance plans. Otherwise, clients are able to discuss payment plans in order to make treatment affordable for everyone who seeks it.

If you are looking for treatment, and are considering Into Action Recovery, give them a call at (844) 694-3576 . 

If you are seeking treatment and are not sure what center would fit your needs, give us a call. Our advocates are here to ensure that the center you select is the right one for you.  We are a non-profit company and charge you nothing for this service.  So call today to learn more and start your journey!