Huntington Creek Recovery Center Review

Huntington Creek Recovery Center is designed to be a comfortable and private residential drug and alcohol treatment center. It is suited to help adults who are over 18. Those who are aware of past drug treatment at this center may remember it as the Clearbrook Lodge.

The name was changed to help delineate its past treatment methods and its current focus. Relapse prevention is a major focus of this center, as is residential treatment and detoxification. On-site centers for all those treatment methods are available here, which helps centralize treatment methods.

The Treatment Modality

Treatment at Hunting Creek Recovery Center is focused on a medical treatment method that alleviates anxiety, pain, and suffering. The first step is medical detoxification. The need for this treatment method will be assessed on an individual basis and is offered in a relaxing non-hospital setting. During detoxification, residents receive round-the-clock monitoring.

After finishing with this step of the process, the rest of treatment can begin. All treatment methods are based on the 12-step model. As a result, it includes regular meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, if the latter is needed. Other study sessions include meetings based on the AA Big Book and NA Basic Text. These are the guidebooks for both AA and NA and provide important and relevant sobriety information.

Other treatment methods including workshops for learning sober lifestyle methods (Living Sober), various lectures on the dangers of drugs and withdrawal, and individual counseling. Group therapy is a major step of the process, as well, involving nearly three hours of daily meetings. To help meet the familial needs of residents, family visitations are allowed, as is family therapy.

The Staff And Accommodations

All staff at this center have been certified to treat alcohol and drug addiction. Social workers and master's level therapists are utilized for maximum effectiveness. The facility location near a stream is calming and relaxing for those under the heavy strain of addiction. Rooms are semi-private and similar to college dorms.

Amenities include well-prepared meals, a meeting center for crucial group gatherings, alumni events, skill-building exercises, and comfortable common areas. Here, patients can meet friends and create a supporting recovery group for their needs.

What Alumni Say

On Google, Huntingdon Creek received very high praise. One reviewer, known only as Chris, gave the facility a perfect five stars. He credited the center for his full recovery from addiction and his new sober life.

On, the site received one positive review from a person who has stayed sober using the 12-step method. The other review was negative, claiming that the center used tactics to scare its patients into sobriety.

Family Members Thoughts

Those with loved ones who were treated at Huntingdon were very positive in their reviews on One claimed that the ability to visit their loved one during treatment increased their understanding of addiction and made them a more effective recovery group. Another praised the center for helping her daughter beat addiction but felt her daughter was too old for the facility.

Another reviewer was happy with the treatment that her loved one received and found the facility to be a good care center. Her nephew, unfortunately, had relapsed since his treatment.

Staff Opinions

On, one staff member rated the center four out of five stars. They believed that the center provided fair pricing, good treatment, and a comfortable and relaxing environment. However, they were concerned by the fact that not all staff members held important certifications.

Payment Options

Currently, Huntington Creek Recovery Center accepts a variety of private insurance plans. These plans include those offered by United Healthcare, Cigna, and Aetna.