Hope By The Sea Rehab Review

A Southern California rehab center, Hope by the Sea provides residential inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment for men and women. They also treat those seeking dual-diagnosis rehab for depression and anxiety along with addiction. Their programs offer 30-90 day stays in residential treatment and they do offer a medical detox. After the 30-90 day period in a residential facility, clients enter outpatient care and/or sober living.  


Hope By The Sea offers two treatment programs from which clients choose. We like this as it gives clients the ability to “choose in” to their treatment. One program is a 12-step based program that works from a spiritual perspective. The other is a Christian based treatment named Celebrate Hope.  This course of recovery works in devotional groups, Christian counseling, and a Bible study. The 12-based program will stick to the AA principles and reading of “The Big Book”

For those that have already been through a 12-step based program and may be looking for an alternative type of treatment, Hope by The Sea offers a non-12-step program they named Complete Harmony.  

Group therapy is a large part of any quality addiction treatment center.  Hope by The Sea is no different. Their residents attend group therapy sessions that multiple types of therapies proven to help in the treatment of addiction and its underlying cause.  A few examples of these practices are:

·      cognitive behavioral therapy

·      psychoeducation

·      psychodrama, life skills, and relapse prevention. AA and NA meetings are held on-site each evening.

In other meetings through treatment, residents are given valuable skills they will need when re-entering the world with their new found sobriety.  This includes life skills and relapse prevention techniques to provide the resident with as much support as possible. Their 12-step based program also incorporates AA and NA meetings held on-site every night.  Finally, Hope By The Sea offers a 3 day family therapy session.  This is extremely important, in our opinion, as this it he foundation for recovery.  The family is taught about addiction, and how they can help their loved one succeed.


Hope By The Sea provides a “single gender” treatment.  This means that men and women are separated in their residential homes. The homes are more upscale that other centers in the area, with large kitchens, nice, comfortable living and dining rooms, and expansive outdoor areas for exercising in the pool and basketball court, or simply relaxing. All meals are prepared by Hope By The Sea staff and are healthy, yet delicious.

The standard stay at Hope By The Sea will be in a shared room with one, maybe two other people.  However, if a resident would like a little more privacy, they do offer private bedrooms and Jacuzzi bathrooms.  Of course, this comes at a price.


The reviews from past clients are mixed.  However, it is important to note that some people are just not ready to be sober, and that provides a bad experience for them, and other around them.  That being said, we went through several sites to find that most alum enjoyed the program and are still sober today. One alum said “Saved my life”.

As to the Christian track, a user on Yelp wrote: “This is a fantastic program. I did the Christian Track….Feel very equipped to deal with life without mind altering substances.”

Complaints included lack of aftercare and a newly sober staff. There are many complaints of staff being “close to residents”.  A reviewer named “Ginny” wrote that his mother completed the Hope By The Sea program and needed her medical records faxed to her doctor where she lived.  This became an issue and from the review, the issue was not resolved.

Although there are no centers with 100% positive reviews, we found that the majority of negative reviews were about money, staff, and aftercare.


Hope by The Sea accepts most PPO insurance policies.  They also will accept cash paying clients, however, the price is un-known. 

Our Take On Hope By The Sea

Hope By The Sea has been around for a while, and with any business, you have good years and bad years.  We know several people that have gone through this program and enjoyed it.  We will say this, its not a vacation.  You will actually have to put in work to recover from your addiction. The lack of aftercare in the reviews is something that worries us a bit as this is one of the most important parts of recovery.  All in all, Hope By The Sea offers great accommodations, with good treatment, for those ready to recover.  If you would like to enter Hope By The Sea, you can contact them below, however, we recommend speaking to one of our advocates about your aftercare, when you return.