Harmony Foundation Overview

Harmony Foundation is the non-profit treatment center, located is beautiful Estes Park, CO.  Harmony Foundation is one of the oldest and most highly respected treatment centers in the US.  Harmony Foundation is set on 43 acres of beautiful land in Estes Park.  The views of the mountains from this center are truly breath taking.  Harmony offer a brand new, state of the art medical detox center as well as residential/inpatient drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment.  The center is set up to manage both men and women, and although they take both sexes, the two never interact. 

Addiction Treatment at Harmony Foundation

Prior to entering the treatment program, residence are taken to a state of the art medical detox, which is on-site.  The clients undergo a physical exam before entering into the treatment program to help understand any health issues caused by their addiction.  This Colorado rehab center is VERY focused on the holistic treatment methodology.  Harmony Foundation works with clients to offer spiritual guidance to help them find their purpose and reconnect with their life path.  They are a 12-step treatment program and clients work to complete the first 5 steps of recovery as told by the Big Book of AA, and will work with sponsors prior to completing their residential treatment.  They also offer an amazing aftercare program.  Family is strongly urged to work with the program to help improve the aftercare the client receives.  In fact, weekly aftercare is offered for life.  That is the way a center helps to ensure client success.

Accommodations & Amenities

Harmony Foundation has beds for 60 residents, with 30 beds for men, and 30 for women.  The location of a beautiful mountain town offers its rustic, cabin in the woods, feel.  There are cabins scattered throughout the campus, although they are separate for men and women.  Cell phones, TVs, computers, and other electronic devices are prohibited during treatment with Harmony Foundation.  However, they do offer land lines for people to call family while in treatment.

Reviews and What We Think

The Harmony Foundation Reviews are, for the vast majority, highly positive.  Many residence love the views of the rocky mountains, and although they didn’t like the idea of no electronics, they see why and praise the center for this policy.  Overall, this center has one of the highest star ratings we have found with 4.5 out of 5.