Gateway Rehab Center Review

Located close to the Pittsburgh, PA airport, Gateway Rehab offers addiction treatment for both men and women aged 13 and older. Gateway Rehab runs more than 20 center locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Aliquippa facility is the main campus, offering residential treatment and an on-site medical detox unit.


The treatment at Gateway Rehab is based on the needs of their patient. Rather than a one-site fits all, Gateway focuses on what each individual needs and creates a treatment plan based on that. The treatment programs run from 28 days up to 120 days. The length of stay is based on the residence addiction level, and any past experiences in treatment.  All treatments are gender specific, meaning men and women are separated to allow both to open up and be more honest.  The therapy includes individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, recovery skills workshops, family counseling, pastoral counseling, and 12-step work. They also teach on addiction as a disease so guests can better understand their disease best. 
For those residence under 21 years old, they enjoy specialized adolescent or young adult tracks. Accredited teachers are available for younger patients who wish to continue their education while in treatment.


We could not find direct information about the living situations offered at Gateway Rehab Centers, however, we went through all of the reviews and found that most people described the accommodations as “comfortable” or “inviting”.  Many said that the center was of a higher standard and was extremely clean. 


Gateway accepts private insurance with out of network benefits and are not in-network with any insurance companies as of yet. They do offer financial assistance for those without insurance or other means of paying. 

Reviews and What we Think

After reading many of the reviews of Gateway Rehab we found that most people are not happy with the lower level of experienced workers.  They also discussed some issues with keeping the groups gender specific which can cause problems for those who have trauma steaming from the other sex.  
The huge positives were in many cases; people are still sober.  A lot of praise for the clinical staff.  The meals, nutrition and accommodations were all given quality scores.  Overall, Gateway Rehab comes up a little short in overall rating with just 3.75 out of 5. 

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