Free Intervention And Financial Assistance Available

If you are looking to get an addiction intervention done for your loved one, but don't have the $4,000 it takes to have a professional addiction interventionist come in, there is hope.  The Addiction Advocates may be able to help you by providing you with free addition intervention services. 

If the patient carries private insurance that will cover medical detox and inpatient addiction rehab once they agree to go, we can help you financially by providing you with free intervention services.  Money should never be in the way of helping your loved one.  As long as their private insurance has out of network coverage, we can get your loved one into a great place and cover your cost of intervention. 

To see if you qualify, please complete the form below.  The number of Interventions covered is limited each month, so apply today.  We will verify your insurance to understand the benefits and will work with you from there.  

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