We Pay For your flight 

You read that correctly, we will pay for the next flight out to one of our recovery center partners. If you qualify for treatment and after a medical evalutation, the treatment center will let us know you are a good fit for them.  At this point, we will cover your airfare to get you there on the next flight out.  

When You arrive

When you arrive at the airport, the treatment facility will be waiting for you, to ensure a smooth transition. They will pick you up, help you with your bag, and drive you to your recovery center to start the intake process. Everything will be handled for you, so there is nothing to worry about. 

To see if you qualify, simply fill out the form below and one of our advocates will call you to discuss your situation, and how we can help. 

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Preferred Treatment Start Date
Preferred Treatment Start Date

Terms and Conditions 

This offer is only valid for those that qualify to enter into specific treatment centers. You must have private insurance to qualify.  Airfare cost is for a oneway ticket only in coach.  The flight selected will be the lowest cost flight on which ever airline has availability. This offer does not include meals, transportation to the airport, or any other expenses while traveling.