Four Circles Recovery Center Review

This unique facility is designed to address the underlying issues for young adults (ages 18 – 28) who are struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction. Addressing the needs of the dually-diagnosed (those who have an addiction along with a mental health issue) as well is a component of Four Circles Recovery Center (part of CRC Health Group). This rustic setting can be found in Horse Shoe, North Carolina just outside of Asheville. Individuals will be served with a complete residential clinical program incorporating extensive camping experiences. This uncommon combination of treatment modalities gives the clients a chance to understand what issues precipitated their addiction.

A Look Into the Details of the Treatment Experience

Four Circles is designed to be an after-detox treatment program. Detoxification can be arranged nearby but must be completed prior to beginning treatment. Participants can expect to be on-site for a minimum of 60 days of treatment, however admittance can be extended to as long as 5 months if necessary.

With easy access to the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains all participants spend a great deal of time in this gorgeous mountain range learning how to set up camp and cook out of doors for themselves. The programming is gender-specific with men staying in the wild for up to two weeks at a time only returning to their residences to shower. Women are required to remain out at camp for 2- 7 days at a time.

Group counseling and individual counseling is required and is scheduled along for four days per week both during the camp and in the residence portions of treatment. Four Circles boasts a complete treatment staff replete with medical doctors, therapists, nurses and counselors. The dual-treatment model of therapy coupled with outdoor experiential wilderness activities works together to assist the clients with learning how to cope with life without drugs.  

Being one with nature, breathing in fresh clean air everyday while grappling with the internal struggles that led to addiction is completed near some of the most beautiful parts of the country. The counseling team makes weekly contact with the family in order to keep them apprised of the clients’ progress in treatment. Four Circles utilizes a 12-step meeting model as well to foster sobriety.    

What to Expect For Daily Living

The residences are spacious. Bedrooms are assigned for up to four clients in one huge room. A single bed unit comes with storage underneath. The residential décor is pleasing to the eye and completed in rich earth tones. Televisions are located in the living rooms of the 18-person, one floor residences, though viewing is not allowed except on designated weekly movie nights. Social media and cell phones are not allowed on-site. Residences are furnished with laundry rooms and kitchens. Meal preparation on campsite or in the residence is a group effort. Generally clients work out how the chores are divided with many clients taking turns with the household chores of the unit. Healthy foods are on hand as well as staff member assistance if needed.

Returning Home

All treatment modalities are designed to prepare the clients for their return home and the lure that may be an integral part of their environment. Groups focus on how to deal with preventing relapse, traumatic events that can and have occurred, body perception, co-dependent relationships, issues involving self-esteem, how to manage anger, gainful employment, and building healthy relationships among others.  

Participants are involved in a week long survey of activities that help them demonstrate their newly acquired coping skills prior to discharge. With the help of the treatment staff a solid after treatment plan is developed, incorporating follow-up for outpatient treatment, AA or NA participation and a personal support system.

The Four Circle’s uniquely innovative approach to treatment marries best clinical practices along with an experience with nature to bring the motivated, recovering individual back to their truer, healthier self.


The reviews of Four Circle recovery are vastly positive. On Google Reviews, William P. wrote “Honestly I hated it at first, but the second you accept being there. It's fun, it's like camping with a bunch of your friends working as a team.” .  Past parents of alumni even defended the center’s program.  Such as Eric R. saying, “The program is about 60 days. Don't listen to reviews from people who didn't complete the program”.  The vast majority of complaints we read about were focused on the outdoors aspect of Four Circles. Chez L. posted, “They put people who are 3 days off of heroin on the trails” while others complained about the constant group therapy versus fishing, hiking, etc.

Overall, Four Circles has a 4.4/5 stars from all the reviews.  Having read the vast majority of the negative reviews, it seems to us that those complaining wanted a beach front vacation rather than treatment. Or simply, they are not outdoor people, which is fine. The people that reviewed the center positively all loved the program and the staff.  For us, this is the key.  In our book, Four Circles is a quality program that is saving lives.