Eagleville Rehab Review

Eagleville Rehab Hospital is the only hospital facility in Pennsylvania that is licensed to treat addiction treatment and substance abuse. Originally Eagleville Rehab was created to stem the increased numbers of tuberculosis at the turn of the 20th century.  Although originally a sanitarium, Eagleville has continually changed to meet the needs of the community. Starting in 1965 where it became an alcohol addiction treatment center.  Now, it is a fully functional addiction treatment hospital caring for those with both drug and alcohol addiction, offering both hospital and non-hospital programming. Eagleville Rehab Hospital will provide treatment, regardless of “their ability to pay, race, gender, or involvement in the criminal justice system.” Eagleville Rehab offers a full continuum of care including detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, intensive outpatient (IOP), and co-occurring treatment for clients whose addiction is a side effect of a mental illness issue. .


Treatment is traditional at Eagleville Rehab.  Unlike a lot of other centers, Eagleville focuses on what has been proven to work for years.  Group therapy is the focus here, along with individual counseling, thorough aftercare planning and follow-up which is provided by the alumni of the program. This type of aftercare is to help clients transition back into their day to day life without losing the support network established in treatment. 


Eagleville Rehab can house up to 308 clients, and serves a diverse population. Eagleville Rehab is located on 70 acres of land. There was little in the way of pictures of the interior of the facility, however, many reviews we read said it was okay.  It is, after all, a hospital providing addiction services.   We did read of a room that is over 3,000sqft which is used for education and training. Most alum of the Eagleville rehab program gave the center mid- to high-level scores in categories including accommodations and cleanliness. Food was considered sub-par by some, but others enjoyed it.  End of the day, this is a hospital, serving over 300 people.  


Length of stay and, therefore, pricing varies by patient. According to its website, Eagleville accepts private insurance as well as managed-care plans. Among the approved insurers are Blue Cross, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Reviews and What we think

To be clear, this is a hospital.  The facility takes both medicare and Medicaid as well.  This is not going to be a luxury center.  Something we did read a lot was that the dorms are crowded and that the center was well under staffed, which led to people breaking rolls at random.  
On the high notes, the treatment seems to work, if you are not looking for a luxury center.  This is a true recovery hospital and will treat you as such.  We did read that there was a lot available to help pass time and keep you entertained.  
Overall, their star rating is low, with 3.6 out of 5 stars.  However, that being said, if you need help and only carry Medicaid or Medicare, this is a great option.  There is not a lot of centers that will take federal insurance plans, and this may be your best opportunity for treatment.