Clarity Way Recovery Center Review

If a person is suffering from an addiction, Clarity Way can help. Clarity Way is a residential treatment facility located in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The facility itself is located in a quiet area along the scenic countryside. The center caters to both men and women who are suffering from substance abuse and any other co-occurring disorders. If the individual needs medical care before they start their treatment, the facility offers detox services that are medically monitored.

What Are The Assessment And Treatment Plans?

Clarity Way offers individualized treatment plans that would work best for the individual. They can choose from either a 12-step treatment program or from a few non-12-step treatment options, such as Stages of Change, BRENDA Model, and SMART Recovery. The individual can choose the program that would work best for them. Clients can choose either the 30-day, the 60-day, or the 90-day program. For clients who cannot be away from home as long, there is also an abbreviated 14-day program.

Each week, clients would take part in at least four individual therapy sessions. The modalities vary and they include both neurofeedback therapy and motivational interviewing. Studies have shown that holistic practices can help with a person's recovery, therefore, Clarity Way offers massage therapy, Pilates, yoga, fitness, nutrition education, and meditation. For an additional fee, clients can take advantage of Clarity Way's salon services, tennis lessons, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy.

Clarity Way believes that art therapy is a key component in recovering from an addiction. Clients would have access to an on-site art studio and a music and recording studio. If pain management is necessary, the facility offers an interdisciplinary pain management program.

Because an individual's addiction often has a negative effect on their relationship with their family, Clarity Way offers a family program. It gives the client's family a chance to learn about their loved one's addiction. They will also learn the necessary tools to open the lines of communication.

Staff Credentials

There are many people on staff who are there to help clients beat their addiction. The staff includes a psychiatrist, an addiction medication physician, a licensed social worker, several counselors at the master's level, and a 24-hour nursing staff.

What Are the Accommodations and Amenities Like At Clarity Way?

Clarity Way has worked hard to provide their clients a comfortable place to say. The residents would live in a community-oriented environment what helps to create close relationships. Upon request, private rooms are available. There is a gourmet kitchen for all of the residents to use at the end of the day. They can also swim in the heated pool and they can enjoy one of the two infrared saunas. For the athletic residents, there are basketball courts and tennis courts. Clarity Way also has a business center for residents who need access to a computer.

On the grounds, there is a separate facility that is called “The Cottage.” This facility houses up to 6 high profile clients. There are very large rooms in The Cottage and each has an en-suite bathroom. The Cottage provides added privacy and additional amenities.

What Do Former Clients Say? surveyed several of Clarity Way's former clients regarding their experience at the facility. Out of a score of 5, treatment effectiveness received a score of 4.75. The facility's accommodations received a score of 4.5 out of 5. Many of the clients who took the survey stated that they enjoyed the “luxury” and “upscale” treatment they received. When asked about the staff, the client responses varied. One former client described the staff as being wonderful. Another former client responded with a different opinion stating, “When the money runs out, so do they. No compassion once you have spent everything you have.” A former resident with the initials A.K.L enjoyed Clarity Way's emphasis on the holistic therapy. A.K.L. wrote, “Music and art therapy were great.” Two other former residents stated that the pain management program left much to be desired.

What Do Friends and Family Members Of Former Clients Say? also provided a survey to the friends and family members of former clients. Most stated that they were impressed by the care that Clarity Way provided. Out of 5 stars, friends and family members gave the treatment effectiveness 3.7 stars. A woman named Gina reported to that out of the 10 facilities that her son had received treatment at in the past, Clarity Way was was the best. She said that her answer was based on their compassion and the various treatment modalities that they offered. A man named Jay, who is also a parent of a former client said that the aftercare was very impressive. He stated, “I credit them with turning my child's life around and putting him on the road to recovery.” He also mentioned that the staff at Clarity Way went above and beyond even after his son was discharged.

Cost and Financing

Clarity Way does not publish their fees, however, many former clients and their loved ones mentioned that the cost was very high. Clarity Way's website states that the facility works with many insurance providers. Also, they provide a complimentary benefits check and a cost assessment.