Cirque Lodge Utah Overview

The Cirque Lodge drug treatment center features the Studio and the Lodge, two luxurious facilities situated in the breathtaking Utah mountains. The Studio sits on 13.5 acres and the Lodge is situated on a little more than one acre. 

Addiction Treatment at Cirque Lodge

This luxury rehab facility has been called one of the top facilities in the country. Cirque Lodge also claims to be a leader in the industry for experiential therapy, or therapy that is conducted through experience. Among their experiential treatments, they incorporate many unique indoor and outdoor activities, including equine therapy. They also utilize 12-step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy. The Cirque Lodge staff is equipped to handle dual-diagnosis cases.

Accommodations and Amenities

Residents at the Cirque Lodge should enjoy nature and being outdoors if they choose this facility. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, and some group activities include long nature hikes and mountain-top helicopter rides. 

Cirque Lodge staff includes a talented culinary team, many of whom attended the culinary program at Utah Valley University. The food is highly rated by alum of Cirque Lodge, and staff claims it’s the best food in the drug treatment industry.

Reviews and What We Think

Reviews ranged from people who loved their experience and credit the Cirque Lodge with saving their lives to people who absolutely hated their treatment experience and cited it as a complete waste of money and time. There seemed to be little middle ground; reviewers either sang their praises or gave dismal accounts. The one positive point that most reviewers credited Cirque Lodge with was the food, which was said to be excellent.

With the luxury-level price of Cirque Lodge, it seems that luxury expectations are not always met, although nobody could deny the beauty and majesty of the Utah mountains in which the Cirque Lodge facilities are set.