Mount Regis Center Review

Mount Regis Center provides world-class mental health and substance abuse treatments to residents of the Roanoke,  VA as it is located just a short drive from the city in Salem. The treatment center offers an array of services designed to treat any person's substance abuse issues effectively. 


The residential treatment program is based on the twelve step program. It uses many of the same treatment techniques as other programs but also adds an element of physical exercise. Each patient goes to the gym and works out three times a week. Physical fitness is viewed as a source for mental health. 

The program treats both adults and youths. The youth program, which treats individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, is carried out differently from the adult program as the patient's peers are viewed as a valuable tool in the process. The youth program is also slightly shorter than the adult program at 40 days instead of 45 and includes some extra activities like horse riding, yoga therapy, and an outdoor rope course. 

For those not in need of the intense care that comes with inpatient treatment, there are some other options. One is the Partial Hospitalization Program lets people get care and go home each night. The outpatient program is a dual-purpose treatment initiative that helps the patient fight their substance abuse problems while also integrating back into day to day life in the public and meets for four hours three nights a week. One of the features of the program is the period in which professionals help the patient find a job and a supportive network of peers that will help them in their recovery once their treatment period has culminated. 


The staff at the facility may be its greatest asset. The team is led by a doctor that is both a psychologist and an addictionologist and is supported by a variety of different professionals including nurses, social workers, counselors, and recovery specialists. 

The Facility Itself 

The accommodations are not designed to be luxurious. They are modest but suitable for anyone seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Both the residence and the exercise facility received over 3 stars out of 5 from Patients do have access to a telephone at the facility, but only after 9 p.m. each evening. Overall, the facility is suitable to treat any person's addiction issues. 

Reviews of Alumni 

Those that have attended the facility have given it mostly favorable reviews on Many have commented that they received top-notch counseling and rehab treatment services. They also remarked that the staff was especially kind and polite during the process. One of the most important things that they noted was that the staff really understands what an addict is going through while they are at the facility. Most of the comments people have left about the facility are positive in nature. 

Reviews by Alumni's Peers and Family Members 

Comparatively, the reviews from friends and family members of those that have used Mount Regis have been a little more mixed than those by alumni. They are still favorable overall, though. One person said that, like most treatment facilities, the individual will only get better if they sincerely want to. One negative review of the facility is that their services were falsely advertised. It was also said that family members were not included enough in the process of recovery. 

Staff Reviews 

There is only one staff review on the site and it is favorable. It mentions the many successes that Mount Regis had over the years treating patients. The only bad remark by staff members was that there aren't enough holistic options at the facility. 


There are a few different options when it comes to paying for services at Mount Regis. Almost every form of health insurance is accepted at the facility, Medicare and Medicaid are not included. For those without insurance, there are financing options available.