Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center Review

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center is located in the northern part of Georgia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Center treats adults who abuse substances and provides dual diagnosis treatments. It is a residential facility that also offers medically assisted detox when necessary. Most residents remain at Blue Ridge for 35-45 days.

Assessment & Treatment

An admission counselor does an initial assessment for new clients. An individualized treatment plan is created and, if necessary, the new resident goes to the detoxification center.

Treatment at Blue Ridge largely focuses on the 12-step principals, however, meditation, individual therapy, experiential therapy, recreational activities and even educational lectures are also included. Residents are expected to attend group sessions that cover topics like relapse, issues based on gender, and anger management.

If a graduate of the program relapses, there is a specialized program called “The Expedition.” Additionally, family members of current residents can attend a workshop that lasts about two days.

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center Staff

On the Center’s website staff include: a medical director, a psychiatrist, licensed therapists, social workers, certified addiction counselors, licensed nurses, a certified personal trainer and a music therapist.


As you drive up to the facility, a heavy gate surrounds the treatment center, residence area, and beautifully manicured lawns. The whole facility is approximately 50 acres and does not look like a medical facility. There is a basketball court, a pond, and a Ping-Pong table for entertainment.

For residents, there are nicely furnished bedrooms. Clients share rooms, but in addition to the bedroom there is a lounge area with leather sofas, a study area, and outside seating on the porch.

Reviews from Alumni

Positive reviews by alumni who were happy with their experience said the facility is “absolutely wonderful,” and the staff is “kind.” A.B.S. reported to that the staff “really understood your problems.” Overall, the ratings on were 3.8 for treatment and 4.2 for accommodations.

On the other hand, many saw the facility as too lenient and not serious enough for those interested in recovery. Some described Blue Ridge staff as ill equipped to handle younger, more “rowdy” residents. And B.R.M. said, “Not for serious persons interested in recovery. Too many young people who are just there to keep them out of trouble while insurance pays.” One person who gave the facility a single star wrote: “Do not go to this place, very on organized, unclean, food is horrible, some of the staff treats you like your in prison.”

Reviews from Family and Friends

Positive reviews from loved ones saw treatment as effective. One five-star review said, “I believe this location saved my sons life.” An anonymous reviewer praised Blue Ridge for “strong mental and drug treatment.” D.W.H. reported that the facility was able to provide “daily interactions and support.”

Negative reviews thought the cost of treatment was high. Another person with a friend in treatment said the staff did not taking their friend’s addiction seriously. The friend wrote: “Loved one continued to drink and checked herself out… because she said that they said that she didn’t really have a problem with alcohol.


Medical insurance is accepted, including Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more.