Getting Help: 7 Telltale Signs It's Time to Go to Rehab

Some 22 million Americans need rehab for drug addiction. Less than one percent of those people will seek professional help for their drug problem. 

This means the addiction goes untreated and likely gets worse. Addiction is a disease that often needs to be treated by those in the medical community to overcome it. 

How do you know if you need to go to rehab? Have you made illegal or bad choices because of your drug use? Are the drugs you want and need overtaking other parts of your life in negative and destructive ways?

Consider these 7 signs it's time for you to get help and go to rehab.

1. Strain or Loss With Loved Ones

Addiction not only affects the user but also those closest the addict. If you are addicted your loved have likely asked, even begged you to get help. They know you best and can see first hand the ravaging effects of long term drug use can cause. 

If you have ever thought I need help with addiction, certainly that's a sign you should listen to both yourself and your loved ones. 

Repeated drug use makes you irritable and hard to get along with. You might find you are arguing more with those people who are closest to you. You might have experienced the loss of relationships with those you love because of your drug or alcohol use. 

If the drugs or alcohol you are using are straining or ruining your relationships, it is time to seek professional help. 

2. Withdrawal Symptoms and Health Problems 

If you stop using drugs and experience withdrawal symptoms, your body is experiencing addiction and you need help. Signs of withdrawal include:

  • Headaches

  • Nausea

  • Cramps

  • Insomnia

  • Paranoia

  • Irritability

The effects of alcohol and drugs on the body are tangible. Your heart, brain, and liver can all be damaged by alcoholism. Opiate abuse can cause brain damage and neurological damage. Declining health is a key indicator more help is needed to overcome your drug use.

Also, pay attention to your mental health. Drug use can cause anxiety and agitation, depression, and symptoms of psychosis. These mental conditions are as telling as physical health symptoms that is time to get outside help.

3. Telling Lies

Telling lies manifests itself in several ways for addicts. It comes down to using lies to cover up your drug use, the effects of the drugs, and even your quest to get more drugs. 

The cost of drug abuse is profound. Of course, there are the mental and physical costs to your body. It also costs to pay for the drugs, to keep yourself out of trouble from the drugs. 

Maybe you lie to your spouse about where money has gone. You lie to your boss about missing work. You lie to your kids because you missed something you shouldn't have because of your drug use. 

You need to go to rehab if you have resorted to lying in relation to your drug use. If using drugs has made you tell lies, it is a sure sign you need to seek help.

4. Getting Into Trouble

If drug or alcohol use has precipitated trouble with school, work or the law,  it is a sign you have a problem.

First, you miss a class or get to work late. Then you miss an exam. Your miss a work deadline. The drugs are interfering with your ability to perform well in your life. 

If you have been kicked out of school or been fired from a job because of your drug usage you do need rehab. 

Worse yet, have you been in trouble with the law? Have driven in an intoxicated state and been arrested? Have you been arrested for possession?

If the law is involved because of your drug use, it's time to seek professional help.

5. Unsuccessfully Tried to Quit

The truth is might really want to stop the destructive behaviors associated with drug or alcohol abuse. You might have even tried? Or tried multiple times unsuccessfully. 

Recognize the signs of addiction that might prevent you from just stopping on your own. Chronic addiction is a medical condition that often requires the assistance and support of professionals to beat. 

Once you go to rehab, you might also need therapy and support from other addiction specialists to support your recovery process. 

6. More Drugs For the Same Results

The first time you used the drug of your choice, you likely felt the intensity of their effects. But as you use more and more, your body builds up a tolerance to the drugs. Then you need more and more of them, to get the same kind of high. 

This kind of need is dangerous for several reasons. You need more of the drug or the drug with higher frequency. This puts you at a greater risk for an overdose. 

This is a sign you should consider you need help with the addiction. It is no longer that you take the drug. But now you need excessive amounts of the drug for the same outcome. The danger level for you multiplies for you in this scenario.

7. Only Focus is Drugs

If your focus is on your high instead of life, the addiction has won out. If you no longer care about your passions: painting, running, playing in your band, etc. If the drugs are more important, you have a problem.

Some addicts stop thinking about anything except how they can get their next high. Likewise, if you need the drugs to get you through the day, your addiction is overtaking your life.

If drug use if more significant or important than doing the other things that used to be important to you, then is it time consider you need help. 

Signs It's Time to Go to Rehab

If someone has told you to get help or you have tried unsuccessfully to quit, the signs are right there. 

Consider the choices you are making and how the drugs are impacting your life. It might be time to decide to go to rehab and get your life back.

Be stronger than the drugs and take the steps you need to get help by contacting us today for help.