Top Books About Addiction Recovery

Unfortunately, within a year, 40-60% of recoverees relapse. Reading can help with addiction recovery and prevent relapse.

Are you trying to stop an addiction or support a loved one who is?

We've rounded up the 3 best addiction recovery books. Whether you enjoy science, true-life stories, or something a little different this article has got it all.

Read these 3 books to form a healthy reading habit, change your life and learn the best techniques to lifelong sobriety.

First on the List of Addiction Recovery Books is 'Drinking: A Love Story' by Caroline Knapp.

Caroline’s book is one of the few that doesn’t idealize addiction. It is honest and highlights the day to day struggles of being an alcoholic, from a sober perspective.

The conversational tone lures you in and makes it relatable.

On top of that, we recommend this book as it’s well written by a professional journalist and is one of the New York Times Best Seller's.

Looking for a Different Addiction Recovery Book?

Books about the recovery process are often written by those that have lived the journey. If you’re looking for something different to help on your journey, then look no further.

'The Diet Cure' by Julia Ross is a great tool for living a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition is often neglected when addiction reaches its peak.

Substance abuse damages biological processes. Your body needs correct nutrition to restore chemical balance in your brain and body. Without this restoration, you may find it extra difficult to break the addiction cycle.

Balanced blood sugar, hormones, and digestion will make your road to recovery a lot smoother.

It is a detailed book which explains things in a simple way. We recommend reading this book as it will help you avoid cross-addiction to sugar while restoring your body's biological processes.

The Science Behind Stopping Addictions...

If why and how addiction develops interests you we recommend reading the book 'Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change' by Jeffery Foote.

“Beyond Addiction” is a 2-in-1 guide for addicts and their relatives. The information is science-based and gives you all the answers to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of addiction.

You’re in good hands with this book. Leading American practitioners developed this logical and optimistic guide. They are at the forefront of addiction research; all included inside. 

Further, it teaches family and relatives how to be supportive and instructs them on what they should be doing. A range of approaches is offered in the book, suiting all situations that arise during difficult times. It highlights behavioral therapy techniques, such as positive reinforcement, and their benefits to your loved one on the road to recovery.

What Next?

You've read the addiction recovery books and you think you need help. 

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