How To Get Someone Stop Drinking

Are you concern that somebody close to you may be having a problem with alcohol? If yes, then you could be wondering what you can do to help them stop drinking. Nevertheless, doing so isn’t easy. In fact, it is ultimately a path that you need to tread carefully. It is actually something you need to think about prior to approaching it. After all, you wouldn't ike to open a can of worms.

Getting someone to quit drinking alcohol and get sober is difficult because alcoholics are emotionally attached to alcohol. Those who regularly drink alcohol do so simply because they are dependent on it. This alone means that the most important thing to do to help someone close stop drinking alcohol is to engage in an open communication with them.

The first step to helping someone become sober is setting time to meet them. It is highly important to have a talk with them in a private meeting. Again, ensure the meeting takes place at a place where both of you are comfortable. More importantly, the family member or friend you are concern about should be sober when having a conversation with them. Upon meeting, inform them you have something important you would like to discuss with them and then take it from there.

Once the two of you are alone, ask persistent questions. There are different ways of approaching the conversation, but the most important thing is for you to know the real problems behind your family member or friend’s alcohol abuse.  In most cases, alcohol alone isn’t normally the real problem. Mostly, people drink alcohol because there are many things taking place in their life, and which they need to forget about. In other words, they want to run away from these things. Having this in mind while addressing the issue is usually the hardest bit of attempting to get someone close to you stop drinking alcohol. It is highly likely they won’t talk freely about the issue. Again, it is likely they are living in denial that they indeed have an alcohol problem.

Nevertheless, when you are done, don’t forget to ask the person you are concerned about to tell you about their drinking routine. Actually, this piece of information will give you a picture of why exactly they drink alcohol. It also enables you to understand what makes them pick the bottle. Most importantly, you will understand the time duration that such incidents have been taking place.  Besides asking them questions, it is equally important to keep an eye on your loved one’s behavior once they are have taken alcohol.

Once you have understood what your family member or friend is going through, you will understand why they react to alcohol the way they do.  This gives you the confidence to confide in a family member or mutual friend about the issue at hand.

Even as you are trying to get your loved one or someone close to you quit drinking, always keep in mind that helping them takes more than your personal help. Considering that alcohol can adversely affect relationships between family members and friends, it is highly important you talk to other people who are close to the family member or friend you are trying to help since it enables you to figure out how others see the situation. Getting alternative views on what you consider a serious problem is actually a great indication of whether indeed there is a problem or not.  If others express their support and bring up the topic regarding a potential alcohol problem with the family member or friend you are seeking to help, then chances are that the affected person will realize that they have an alcohol problem and thus they need help or addiction treatment.

Although referring somebody to an alcohol rehab program is truly hard, it is, however, a highly important move to make especially when other people who are concerned about the affected person have agreed there is a problem that urgently needs to be solved. Talking to your family member or friend about their alcohol abuse problem can be quite difficult and thus you shouldn't aggravate the issue or keep insisting they stop drinking altogether. Furthermore, tread carefully on the issue lest you appear as if you are nagging them.

The best and most important thing you can do in such a difficult scenario is to refer your family member or friend to a professional to get addiction therapy or coaching on alcohol abuse. An excellent place to start is a community health center since you will be provided with numerous local resources you need to get started. Even in the most challenging situations, always let the affected person know that you are there for them and that you are honestly trying to help them.