Lucemyra - Is This The Drug We Have Been Waiting For?

Lucemyra is a pharmaceutical drug aimed at easing the side effects of detoxing from opioids after a quick decrease in use.  Lucemyra won its FDA approval this last Wednesday the 16th because of two trials showing that the drug reduced severe withdrawal symptoms better than placebo. Plus, more patients in the Lucemyra arm completed a seven-day opioid discontinuation treatment.

In our opinion, this is a great victory in the fight for our family and friends.  As an advocacy group for those fighting addiction, and their families, we are often asked about the detox process. The pain they will feel, and in many cases, that fear has forced people away from treatment. If Lucemyra is everything they say it is, we could see a large increase in those finally seeking treatment. 

Although new to us in the United States, Lucemyra has been used in the UK for over 20 years to help people through the first step of becoming sober.  However, it is important to note that Lucemyra is not an opioid addiction treatment modality, nor does it "curb cravings" like other drugs on the market.  Rather, Lucemyra is being introduced to start the recovery process at the beginning stages to help patients ease into an inpatient, outpatient or an MAT program should they choose that route. 

There are still more tests being one to ensure safety and Lucemyra is only approved for 14 day use at this time.  However, testing will be done on the pediatric side of addiction for those babies born to opioid addicted mothers. 

We will continue to follow the developments of Lucemyra's approval and use.  However, the makers of Lucemyra have said they expect to have it on the marketing in August of 2018.  To which, we at The Addiction Advocates, hope to see used for long term sobriety and saving lives.