Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort - Shut Down

We have learned that, Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort in Utah has been shut down for medical violations.  The news came to us through 

This came to a great surprise to us after speaking with so many people who loved their treatment at this Utah Rehab Center

The U.S Drug Enforcement Administration along with Utah Department of Human Services entered the luxury center on Wednesday with a warrant and revocation orders to revoke the centers license to operate in the state of Utah. 

Among the violations are:

  • Non medical staff prescribing controlled substances without a license to do so. 
  • Maintaining a unregulated pharmacy on the center's grounds
  • Patients receiving controlled substances prior to meeting face to face with medical staff. 

We have reached out to staff we know at Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort to get information on the next steps they will be taking to ensure the over 50 patients currently being treated at Sherwood Hills are taken care of.  As soon as we have more information, we will update our blog and social media outlets. 

If you or a loved one was planning on attending this center, please contact our free helpline now - 866-734-2242.  Will help you find another center, free of charge, that will provide you with great quality care.