How to Stop Drinking

Fighting Alcoholism

How to Stop Drinking

One of the most common types of addiction and substance abuse is alcoholism. Studies conducted by the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicate that between 8-9% of adults in the U.S. experience alcohol problems of some kind. If you are one of these individuals that has experienced an alcohol-related problem, you may be looking for ways to stop drinking.

Understanding Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse stems from an individual compulsively and continuously using alcohol despite its harmful effects on their life and family. For example, friends and family can be hurt and put off as a result of legal implications from criminal activities related to alcoholism, such as drunk driving.

How Can I Tell if I Have an Issue?

You can take free self-assessments and audits online to help you understand your drinking habits. These tools can help you develop an understanding of potential risks or implications that may occur as a direct result of drinking alcohol.

How Can I Stop Drinking?

  • Eliminate temptations.Remove all barware, alcohol and other reminders of drinking or other substances of abuse from your home.

  • Make an announcement. When you tell your friends, family and coworkers about your goal, they'll have a firm understanding of your plan to stop drinking. Ask them to support your recovery by not consuming alcohol in your presence.

  • Be firm regarding your new limitations. Be clear with everyone that no drinking will be allowed in your home moving forward and that you won't be attending events where alcohol is served.

  • Steer clear of bad influences. Distance yourself frompeople who are unsupportive of your efforts or disrespect your new limitations, even if it means losing friends.

  • Let the past teach you. Learn from your previous attempts to stop drinking or the mistakes you made when abusing alcohol. What did or did not work? How can you make changes to avoid setbacks or pitfalls?

What Should I Expect When I Stop Drinking?

It can become extremely uncomfortable when you stop drinking, especially if you've been abusing alcohol for a prolonged period of time. Discuss the problem with your doctor first to learn how to stop drinking alcohol safely. Ask if a slow withdrawal is necessary, or if you may need monitored medication.

Whether you work with your doctor or choose to work independently, you'll begin feeling better as alcohol works its way out of your body. In many cases, the body will naturally begin healing areas damaged by drinking. Regardless of this positive process, however, some individuals may still require support to help them in their quest to learn how to stop drinking alcohol.

We Are a Free Resource to Help People Find Intervention.

Finding the right resources to learn how to quit drinking alcohol is a crucial part of the process. We are a free resource to help people find intervention in alcoholism. We know that when support and resources are in place, there's a greater chance of success.