Belmont Behavioral Health Review

About Belmont Behavioral Health Center

Belmont Behavioral is a hospital that provides therapy for people fighting substance addiction and/or mental health issues. At Belmont Behavioral Center, they provide treatment for children and adults of all ages. Their professional staff includes board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, nurses, and recreational therapists. There is one staff member for every two patients.

Belmont Behavioral Center has been in existence for 75 years. The 147-bed psychiatric facility offers total-treatment care, including inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Belmont accepts insurance from all major providers, as well as private payments.

Evaluation and Treatment

Patients start the process with a comprehensive review of their medical, psychiatric, and drug use histories.

Various programs are used in accordance with the client’s age, the kind of treatment needed, and the level of intensity of evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients solve current issues and teaches skills to help clients change non-productive thoughts and behaviors. Dialectical behavior therapy helps patients with mood disorders and those who need to change harmful patterns of behavior.

One on one groups are also utilized, as well as therapy sessions that involve the whole family.

Child Inpatient Program

The Child Inpatient Program is configured for youngsters between the age of five and twelve. The program includes art, music, recreational, and play for children, as well as individual, group and family sessions.

Adolescent Inpatient Program

The Adolescent Inpatient Program helps teens expand their coping skills, improve their ability to make mature decisions, and manage their mental health disorder.

Adult Inpatient Program

The Adult Inpatient Program is for adults 18 and older. It serves to bridge the gap between hospitalization and outpatient therapy.

There is also a community-based treatment option for at-risk adults who require structured assistance on an out-patient basis.

Dual-recovery Track

Adults with substance abuse issues and co-occurring psychiatric disorders have access to a dual-recovery track that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues. The goal is to help them return to their families and communities.


Every effort is made to devise a comfortable, at-home environment. Residents have private rooms with bathrooms.

Words of Belmont Alumni

On the average, they received 3.9 stars out of 5 from 11 reviewers. The reviews of the alumni were mixed.

Karen, who resided at Belmont for a week, said: “I had a very eye-opening experience. The living situation was nice, and the group sessions were engaging.”  Karen also said that the staff is helpful and encouraging.

On the other hand, Ray said he had a very negative experience. He felt that the practitioners had too much work and too little time and paid little or no attention to the residents.

Words from Friends and Families 

Another former patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the program helped her to recover, and awarded Belmont five stars for the reasonable fees, and the various programs offered by their institution.

Two alumni, Patricia and Johnnie gave the facility a perfect five-star recommendation, congratulating Belmont on its “wonderful” staff and “comfortable” facilities.