Azure Acres Treatment Center Review

Azure Acres, a CRC Health-owned drug and alcohol rehab facility, is located 50 miles north of San Francisco in the woods of Sebastopol. The historic lodge, built in 1906 as a vacation home, turned its focus towards rehab in 1959. The facility's treatment program has remained largely the same since its inception.

On-Site Accommodations

Azure Acres is a co-ed facility with 28 beds and each room is decorated in a way that matches the surrounding woods, with log cabin-style furniture. There are two quilted beds and a nightstand per room but you won't find much else as Azure Acres is intentionally going for a very rustic feel. The lack of distractions creates a quite calm and serene atmosphere and that extends to the outdoor areas. Guests can go for a swim in the outdoor pool, or walk along the peaceful hiking trails or picnic area.

Followers of all faiths are welcome at Azure Acres but the property does include a shrine to St. Francis of Assisi for where Christian guests can stop by for a moment of silence and prayer. Finally, all guests can partake in the delicious and nutritious balanced meals that are prepared by on-site chefs. At Azure Acres, it's just as important to heal the body as it is to heal the spirit or mind.

The Treatment Program

All guests booking a visit at Azure Acres as part of the inpatient treatment program must stay for at least 30 days. The primary focus of the program is an abstinence-based approach where guests will follow a 12-step process that includes attending lectures as well as individual and group counseling. AA/NA meetings and relapse prevention classes are also available on site. Some medically-assisted detox is available for a limited amount of time for those who desire this approach. 

That said, Azure Acres also offers some special workshops that many guests find enjoyable. There are Qi-Gong groups as well as a spiritual workshop, led by a spiritual advisor. Both men and women can take part in a unique special process group, and then at the end of the day, the entire guest list can come together to partake in a special closure group, where they can listen to Azure Acres alumni speak. Once a month, a special recovery comedian is brought in to help lighten the mood. The treatment program is complimented by plenty of free periods where guests can take some time to themselves.

There are 8 to 10 drug counselors on site and the overall client to staff ratio is almost always at three to one or lower.

General Schedule

6:45 am: Wake-Up, followed by a community meeting and book study.

8 a.m. Breakfast, followed by a daily chore list, room cleaning and inspection

1 p.m. Lunch, followed by free time and rotating groups.

5 p.m. Big Book Study

6 p.m. Dinner

8 p.m. to 9 p.m. AA/NA (four times a week)

11 p.m. Lights Out

Family Time and Aftercare

All guests receive time on Saturdays and Sundays to visit freely with loved ones during the family program. The entire family can choose to attend optional lectures or process groups if desired. 24 total three-hour morning and evening groups are offered across a six-week period. All of these perks are offered to outpatient clients as well. 

After the main treatment program is complete, guests enter the lifetime program which provides a relapse prevention plan for each individual. Guests can tap into their network to attend free weekly groups and alumni meetings or get a referral to a halfway home or therapist.


Azure Acres offers a tremendous value for its price point. The facility may be owned by the CRC-Health conglomerate but that hasn't stopped the facility's staff from providing a highly detailed level of care for each guest.