Cannabis (Marijuana) Addiction Helplines

See how helplines can support you and your family while guiding you towards rehabilitation, accessible here at Addiction Advocates.

Reviewed Medically reviewed by Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist) | Updated 14/09/2021

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Cannabis (Marijuana) Addiction Helplines
Updated on 14/09/2021
Medically reviewed by
Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

The psychoactive substance of cannabis (marijuana) is one of the most abused drugs here in the UK. It’s a Class B, plant-based drug, which influences stoned-like effects, reflecting relaxation, chilled and giddy feelings.

Cannabis is heavily normalised across certain areas of the world, especially in countries where its consumption is legal, for both recreational and medical purposes. As its contents also includes CBD, this is now an advocated holistic treatment for pain and mental health disorders, reducing the perceived harm levels of marijuana.

However, while some opinions or countries may back the use of marijuana, it is illegal here in the UK, down to its addictive and damaging traits. As a whole, cannabis abuse is discouraged, due to addiction risks, its increased association with poor mental health development, and its sedative-like effects, blurring reality.

Dealing with a cannabis addiction can be difficult, due to the conflicting arguments around its consumption. While you may feel alone or confused, support is available, alongside accessibility to cannabis addiction programmes.

Make use of cannabis (marihuana) addiction helplines, in the midst of consumption, symptoms and crises of cannabis abuse. As there are many consequences linked to cannabis addiction, be reassured that 24/7 guidance and confidential advice can be accessed.

At Addiction Advocates, we can guide you towards addiction help, in tandem with treatment via a drug rehabilitation programme. Avoid the consequences of cannabis (marijuana) addiction by accepting help.

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The lifeline of cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines

Treatment for marijuana addiction will be advocated, as medical detoxification and psychological stabilisation will need to be aimed for. However, it is understandable that you may initially struggle to invest in drug rehab, down to its cost and significant expectation.

Cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines can act as a lifeline through this time, to anonymously provide you with advice on your next best steps. You can emotionally vent, you can ask for help, you can have someone to talk to through addiction crises, you can source direction and you can also access treatment through appropriate helplines.

Addiction helplines are also suitable for loved ones, who may be concerned about the cannabis consumption of their family member or friend. This is a confidential way to access advice on how to approach the topic, along with clarification of cannabis side effects.

There are a range of cannabis (marihuana) addiction helplines out there that can act as the first port of call. Here are some helplines to make use of in the midst of cannabis (marijuana) addiction:

  • Marijuana Anonymous UK: Offering specific cannabis support through anonymous outlets. Both support groups and online resources can be found here.
  • DrugFam: An addiction helpline providing support for loved ones and friends, witnessing the impacts of cannabis abuse. This is a safe place to share your concerns and gain emotional support.
  • Talk to Frank: A populated helpline, providing the ins and outs on drug abuse, focusing on each individual drug. Offering both information and support, this is an all-around addiction helpline.
  • Samaritans: As cannabis addiction can lead to severe mental health symptoms and negative feelings, Samaritans is a dedicated helpline to offer support through emotional distress.
  • Addaction: A virtual helpline for personal use and to support others through cannabis addiction.

Cannabis Helplines
There are a wealth of cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines to make use of, whether you’re struggling, whether you’re encountering a crisis, whether you’re witnessing a loved one deteriorate, or whether you’re looking to rehabilitate.

Helplines are available to turn the isolated feeling of addiction into a supportive and encouraging time to accept and welcome intervention.

Short term effects of cannabis (marijuana)

Both short-term and long-term abuse of cannabis can be damaging. It is however important to differentiate both rates, as varying side effects will be encountered, highlighting the need and timing to accept advice from addiction helplines.

Short-term effects of cannabis exposure include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Low mood
  • Memory problems
  • Heightened anxiety levels
  • Changes to blood pressure
  • Risk of cardiovascular problems
  • Moderate changes to outlooks, emotions, and attitudes
  • Suppressing symptoms
  • Coordination issues
  • Panic
  • The risk of addiction

Through the above effects, reaching out to cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines will offer assurance through such symptoms, while also motivating detoxification, prior to long-term effects.

Long term effects of cannabis (marijuana)

When cannabis is abused for the long term, greater risks are attached to its presence. Addiction helplines at this point will be urging the idea of drug rehabilitation while offering emotional support through this testing time.

Long-term effects of cannabis exposure include:

  • Poor quality of life
  • Sleep problems
  • High risk of dual diagnosis
  • Cannabis addiction signs
  • Difficulties withdrawing from cannabis
  • Impaired ability on physical and psychological levels
  • Regular hallucinations
  • The feeling of losing oneself
  • Prioritising the positives of cannabis over the consequences

Long Term Symptoms Cannabis

Overcoming cannabis addiction

As a cannabis addiction will develop into a habit, it’s vital that your habits and routines are broken down. Through drug rehabilitation, this will be possible, which you can either access through addiction helplines or here at Addiction Advocates.

The rehab process for cannabis (marijuana) addiction will be recommended, for safe detoxification, suitable therapy sessions, and reliable relapse prevention. Your personal struggles can be worked through, to help deter the ongoing normalisation of cannabis exposure.

If you’re unsure of where to turn to, cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines are available 24/7 and are experienced to help. Make use of this anonymous outlet, along with considering cannabis addiction treatment to digest and overcome your habits.

Overcoming Cannabis Addiction



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start recovery during my call?
Your recovery from cannabis addiction will start from the moment you decide to rehabilitate. Ultimately, yes, you can during a call with an addiction helpline, by offering perspective, by taking small actionable steps, and by refining your mindset to recover. Your active recovery journey will however begin through rehab, which we can help you access.
What questions should I ask a cannabis (marijuana) helpline?
Any anxieties, concerns, or questions you may have can be asked through cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines. They will stand as a safe place to understand your addiction, to gain emotional support and also become familiar with long-term addiction effects. Questions with suitability will surround your side effects, your history, your addiction likelihood, and your recovery probabilities.
How do I build confidence to call a cannabis (marijuana) helpline?
It can be very tough to open up and call an addiction helpline. However, by remembering that it is a lifeline, that it is a safe space, that it is confidential and that it’s equipped for your call, building the confidence to engage will be possible.
Can I call on behalf of someone else?
Yes, you can engage with cannabis (marijuana) addiction helplines if you’re worried about someone else. We’ve highlighted some appropriate helplines higher up which support family and friends.

Alternatively, we can support you through a referral into rehab, to kickstart the drug rehabilitation process.
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