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We now live in a world that has glamorised being overworked, juggling multiple hats, and chewing off more than we can take on. Such actions and commitments are in fact branded as being a workaholic. Yet, what does it truly mean to be stuck in the overworked cycle?

Prioritising work, at some point in our lives is normal. It usually reflects a step up, of self-development or promotion.

There are no problems with striving for success, for the right reasons. Yet, prioritising work on a consistent basis is a sign of work addiction, an extremely niche yet downplayed behavioural addiction.

Caused by general triggers of addiction, combined with environmental pressures, personality traits, perfectionism and further mental health and behavioural holds, work addiction can be extremely exhausting and negatively impactful on life.

Those who display signs of work addiction tend to lead low-quality lives, down to a lack of balance found within their work-life relationship.

If you’re constantly placing your focus on your work commitments, if you’ve been described as a workaholic, if you prioritise work for the wrong reasons, and/or you work unsustainable hours, it’s time to reconsider your routine and the potential of addiction.

Work addiction treatment & rehab will be suitable in the event of a diagnosis, to help you reprioritise a work-life balance. At Addiction Advocates, we can help you source and experience work addiction treatment and rehab, with confidentiality in mind.

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Work addiction meaning

Here in the UK, we have a very strong work culture. By this, you may feel under pressure to strive for greater workplace achievements or may even feel impacted by the overworked culture that exists and transpires as successful. However, through such pressures, are you still able to manage a work-life balance?

Those who struggle through a work addiction cannot maintain such balance, down to the driving force of such pressures, influencing their behaviours, decisions, and feelings.

Defined as compulsive behaviour, which cannot be rationalised in the moment, the meaning of a work addiction reflects someone who cannot switch off from work, whether that’s answering calls and emails outside of working hours, to working long ineffective hours, or to adding workload onto an already unrealistic level.

It’s very important to differentiate determination and work addiction, as some will argue that hard, consistent work is required to succeed.

Yet those who are addicted to work will not be able to see beyond such feelings, will feel like they have to work in order to fulfil cravings or internal pressures, and will allow external consequences to be the result of excessive work.

Like any addiction, if allowed for the long-term can become engulfing, it’s vital that support is considered, to understand and work through compulsive behaviours.

Here’s where work addiction treatment & rehab will benefit you if you’re struggling, to understand how your current commitments may be pushing you, way beyond the normalised workaholic.

Addicted to Work

Signs of work addiction

As we’ve highlighted above, it’s vital to differentiate work addiction from drivers of success, as while both reflect sometimes excessive working hours, both will not impact health in the way that addiction will.

Signs of a work addiction include:

  • Working extremely long hours on a consistent basis
  • Failing to experience any form of balance between work and life
  • Working even with consequences of health issues, increased stress or missing out on family responsibilities/events/engagements
  • Working through the evenings, through lunch breaks, through the weekends and through holidays
  • Seeing work as a coping strategy, which in fact results in a rebound effect
  • Negative results from feeling overworked
  • Feeling fixated on workplace commitments and achievements
  • Physical and psychological health problems as the result of self-negligence
  • Working beyond already unrealistic workloads

There are many different reasons as to why a work addiction can amount. Some individuals will delve into work to distract themselves from family life or symptoms of anxiety/depression.

Others will fixate on needing to continuously improve and be better. Others will experience a degree of financial fixations, which can develop into an addiction in itself. Others will feel pressured by their working environment, which can easily turn into a work addiction.

Both internal and external factors can motivate such fixations to work, where the above signs will be presentable throughout physical and psychological symptoms.

If you’re struggling, it’s important to be aware of how necessary work addiction treatment & rehab will be, at some point, to gain work-life balance.

The necessity of sourcing work addiction treatment & rehab services

An addiction of any form will not go away by itself. Changing jobs, reducing your working hours, accepting a demotion, or opting for flexible working arrangements will not deter your work addiction without addressing your underlying causation.

Treatment and rehab will be the tools to address such problems, while also encouraging positive change to make your work life rewarding, fulfilling and balanced.

Work Addiction

Treatment for work addiction

As work addiction can be less invasive, in comparison to further behavioural addictions, the majority of treatment can be completed on an outpatient basis. Work addiction treatment usually focuses on psychological restoration, by understanding the motive behind chronic workloads.

Stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, group therapy, family therapy and exposure therapy are commonly recommended treatments for work addiction, to help motivate balance, support and understanding.

By developing positive coping strategies, realistic views of the workplace and the investment that you must make, along with developing a stronger family network, gaining, and maintaining balance are likely.

However, lifestyle changes alone will not inspire work-life balance, which is why rehab, addiction treatment services and relapse prevention must fall as a part of the work addiction recovery process.

Rehabilitation steps of work addiction

By embracing work addiction treatment & rehab, you’ll have the rehabilitation steps to hand to diminish your fixation on working, with the potential to taper back your routine, responsibilities, and mindset.

Working through a work addiction is necessary to preserve physical and psychological health, to in fact maintain workplace performance, and to also benefit your life outside of work. All are important, which is why a comprehensive approach should be sourced, which we can help with here at Addiction Advocates.

Work addiction treatment & rehab services are available to you, to break through the noise of our UK working culture. Avoid burning yourself out to prioritise work. Yet at the same time, manage a balance to benefit your life on a 360 basis, including your work role.

Being addicted to work and the activities that it induces is real, is serious and is a significant behavioural change. Understand how to overcome such change with our guidance.


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We have a large number of helpful services available to help give you the best possible support when it comes to dealing with addiction.

Just some of the services we can offer includes:

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  • Insights into how different therapies and evidence based treatments work
  • How detoxification works and what is the most safest option
  • What type of rehab and detox programmes would be best suited for yourself or loved one
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