About two miles away from downtown Riverside on California, 10 Acre Ranch is situated in a suburban district. The California rehab facility has been established since 1992 and provides services in medical detoxification. Any man who is at or above 18 years of age can come to 10 Acre Ranch for treatment for substance abuse and simultaneous disorders. Services like partial hospitalization, residential and intensive outpatient treatment is available.


10 Acre Ranch has wonderful amenities and accommodation for the residents. The entire building features six serviced bedrooms with ample space outdoors. The facility has a Ping-Pong table for resident’s enjoyment, along with a standard pool outside as well as horses. Because recreational activities are an important part of 10 Acre Ranch, there is provision for movie nights, chaperoned outings, tournaments of softball game, and hiking. As clients remain in the facility, their rights to receive visitors becomes more pliable over time when there is a good record of presence at treatments.


Every client has different needs and so the treatment is tailored for different clients to produce varied results. The residential timetable can last from 30, 60 or 90 days. In the residential agenda, clients are broken into small groups of six for communal model counselling. According to obligations, planned nutrition, anger management and face-to-face therapy are provided to clients. The program attempts to bring healing to not part, but the whole of the person. This covers health, meditation and spiritual growth.  The family could be called to take part in the counseling sessions and every client exists the program with a plan for care after completion.

If a client lives close by, he or she can undergo partial hospitalization if there is a moderate living conditions to return to. This program offers every part the residential program has but runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday.

Intensive outpatient treatment is suggested to some patients before the finish and go back to their lives as they live in a sober environment.


There is one feedback on the 10 Acre Ranch website with splendid reviews from a satisfied parent whose son went through the facility. The parent claims that his son has continued to abstain from harmful substance for 12 years since passing through treatment at 10 Acre ranch. He also adds that the facility was helpful enough to operate with the finances he had.


10 Acre Ranch has some very impressive excellent reviews from former clients of the facility. There are up to twenty reviews on Facebook with an excellent review score. One person left a review stating the methods of treatment were very effective and helped him to see substance abuse was a symptom of his problem and made it easy to tackle.

Former clients have given very good reviews on the quality of training the staff have, the cost effective plans for payment, options for recreation and exercise and the treatment itself. Former clients confess to feeling welcome to the facility from the first day.


10 Acre Ranch has a website online where the public can view information about the facility. It is evident from the information provided there, that the workers are properly licensed. A certified medical doctor and nurse oversee the process of abstinence from unhealthy substance. The facility also retains the services of authorized counsellors on addiction and therapists.


The facility receives payment in from of insurance and payment by individuals. There are different types of insurance plans they accept along with the direct payment option so people have options. 10 Acre Ranch positions its payment plans to make them as affordable as possible to interested clients. The price for a day is from $416. The price for a month is from $12,500. And the price for 90 days at 10 Acre Ranch is from $37,500. There are different options for payment and a sliding fee scale to make payments more affordable and doable.